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I Am That I Am 

Have you been trying to shift your reality in a bigger way and still having a

hard time with some areas of your life?


Have you tried mantras, meditations, affirmations and nothing?


Do you actually know that you can have it all but still hasn’t

quite sit in your inner beingness?


Do you find yourself bumping into the same feelings of unworthiness, not enough,

even guilt when it comes down to asking for more?


I have worked with over 1,400 people and I kept seeing the patterns coming up over and over.

Sometimes they are simple shifts, sometimes they are more rooted things.


And since I am all about owning ourselves, our energy and creating from this point I asked for a

way to help flip all of this to shift.


I asked and of course…It was given.


In a matter of 9 minutes 


was born

but first a little bit about me…


Who is Lisseth Wertz?

“I want to tell you a little bit of my personal story, in this Becoming. I’m going to share what has been going on.  I feel like this is important for you to understand why this program is so important to me.


At about six years old I remember being punched in my stomach nonstop by brother. I lost air and I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I got out of my body and I was seeing myself being beaten by my brother.  I really thought I wasn’t going to make it alive. Somehow I got rescued. Someone pulled back my brother. Before that event, I was told I was very angelical. I was timid and very quie. But that event changed me for life.


I crafted the need to be strong and defend myself against my brother. I became very vocal, very strong verbally, and always in anger. Anger was my M.O. I became somebody different. Totally the opposite.

Notice I said I thought I wasn’t going to make it.  I came to the realization that I still had some of that pattern of “I’m not going to make it” in my business. Reviewing that story made me realize that is when that started.


Also, I realized after the incident, I became a different person.

 I became very impetuous. If something happened to someone in my family, I was like a lioness. I could eat them alive. I didn’t care who it was. And because of the reaction of my family, I grabbed the belief of “I am mean.” I’m the “bitch.” I carried that story and it came out really strong when I was in the corporate when I was the manager of 4 businesses. 


As my business was growing I noticed there was a fear of becoming big and this came in my story. I noticed the fear of losing myself.  I realized after the childhood incident, I LOST MYSELF. I was angelic and then I turned around. That is a fear I have been having for a while.


Discovering this and changing the deep patterns is what allows me to Become. I used to be very negative. Now I know why.  I had a very strong experience when I was a kid that changed me totally. I chose it. Nobody told me. I chose to be different.


I know that those blueprints/imprints that we create – they can be shifted. They are all meant to be shifted and released to become you. I am embracing more and more of myself every day and I know this program is going to be transformational for all of you and for me too.


I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself. I know every time there is always more Becoming.


The I Am program is for you to shift your energy. Release all those structures that are supporting lies that are supporting the stories because it is time for you to shine.


Are you are ready to shine…are you are ready to become You and to feel You and feel the love and see the magnificent self that you are? I share my story because then you can see in me what you are seeing in yourself. I am just your reflection. This is part of the Becoming.


Realize that there are stories that we have carried consciously and unconsciously all of our life. Most of the stuff we carry is from when we were little and everything else just piled up. For all of you it is going to be the same and The I Am program is the big kickoff for all of you!


 [For the full story click on the video]

I Am That I Am

In this 6 week program, we will work on shifting your energy, transmuting your blueprints and

bringing your original DIVINE blueprint.

I am so excited to bring this to you!!!


Most people underestimate themselves and think they are not smart enough to do the things they want to do in life. But, when I tune into their energy, I can see that they are a genius with unlimited potential! Why can’t they see what I see? We will bust up these thought forms and you will see the genius that you truly are.​


Almost everybody hates something about their body. And, if there is something about your body you hate, you can’t have a truly healthy body. So, we’ll dismantle the beliefs you have about your body to help you embody the beautiful being that you are.


Many people dislike the human race and speak ill of it. But, you are human too. So, what you say about humans you are saying about yourself. This week, we’ll learn to love humanity, and thus ourselves.


Most people are always looking for something outside of themselves. We search for the next big thing that will bring us happiness. What most people don’t realize is that you have everything you need already inside of you, and you have just to allow its expression in your life.


There is a pervasive feeling of lack among the minds of people. We think we don’t have enough. We don’t have enough money, we don’t have enough love, we don’t have enough health, we don’t have enough talent, we don’t have enough of this, and we don’t have enough of that. But, the universe is abundant, and you are a spark of that universe. You have the abundance of the universe within yourself, and you have only to make the choice to allow that abundance in your life.


Many of us feel like we are all alone. We have unsupportive spouses, unsupportive employers, unsupportive friends, unsupportive medical caregivers, and so on. Here, again, you are looking for something outside of yourself to support you. You have all of the support you need inside of yourself. There is unlimited support available to you within yourself and the universe.


And as you may know, it is not just our own mind imprints that affect our lives. It can also be ancestral imprints. In the middle of the program, I will be facilitating a healing to help you clear imprints from your parents and those of the early years between age 0-7. During those early years, our minds are sponges, and we absorb everything around us and create beliefs even though we don’t truly understand what is even happening around us.


Where we will be supporting each other along this journey in the embodiment of each I AM.


You will have lifetime access to everything shared in a special page.

REPLAYS will be available within 48hrs. 

Fridays at 1030am Pacific, 1130am Mountain, 130pm Eastern, 6pm London

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I am ready!

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I literally can’t wait to get started!