4-Day Challenge Activator to EMBRACE the I AM








In preparation for the, I AM THAT I AM program we want to kick off your energy with this challenge. Whether you are still unsure of joining us or you are in, this will help you activate your energy in a BIG WAY.

Because after all, we are looking to HAVE IT ALL. And really, embracing the I AM is the core for that.

In this 4 day challenge, you will receive prompts to do each day at your leisure and they are meant to stretch you. They are meant to open up your energy. They are meant for you to embrace all of you.

Because when you open up to yourself, there are no limits. You free yourself. You become more you. CREATOR. ABUNDANT being that you are.

So are you IN? or are you IN? This is going to be so much FUN!

I will also have 3 juicy prizes to be raffle among those that make it through the whole challenge.

The I AM THAT I AM program is a 6-week transformational program design to for you to embody all of you.

Your energy. Your Mind.Your Emotions. Your body. You becoming the energy that you want to have in your life so you can express your mission and on your way, HAVE IT ALL.

For more information go HERE . Starts February 3rd!


Presented by Lisseth Wertz

Guiding in the art of CONSCIOUS manifestation, so that you can create your path with ease and BE the BIG IMPACT the world is calling
you to be.

Quantum Leap Coach and Energy Healer