Have You Ever Played Fortune Teller Origami

Have you ever played Fortune Teller Origami?

When I was nine, I used to play that game a lot with my school friends. I remember we would create such pretty origami pieces, color them, shape them, and then we would write inside what we wanted in life.

Keep in mind I was nine years old, studying in a nun-run Catholic school, with ultra Catholic parents. I didn’t know anything about Law of Attraction, the Power of Intention or focusing energy on what you want, etc. All I knew is that I wanted a different life than what I was seeing:

  • My mom, from my perspective, would cook all day (8am to 5pm) and spend days cleaning the three story house
  • The traffic in Lima was scary! I would see my dad driving super slow for fear of getting into an accident
  • One more thing, I hated the weather in Lima! 100% humidity and it was just hot in general. It was not my cup of tea.

Hence, in my Origami Fortune Teller games I would always write and even cheat to get the same results:

  • An apartment, instead of a house so I wouldn’t be stuck all day, several days cleaning
  • A chef, from the luxuries you could have, so I wouldn’t be cooking all day long and could live my life freely
  • A chauffeur, another luxury, so I wouldn’t have to deal with the scary driving situation in Lima
  • A cold weather place, so I wouldn’t have greasy hair any more, nor would I be sweating all the time!

For some reason, I remembered this game not long ago and I realized that I had manifested exactly that. I had moved to the U. S. and now lived in Winter Park, CO, where the average temperature during winter was 10° and during summer 70°. I had gotten married to a chef and we bought a two bedroom condominium. To top it off, I didn’t have to drive much because my hubby loved to drive.


That powerful.

How could a little nine year old girl from Peru have created her ‘dream life’?

You may say, “Well Lisseth, we are manifesting all the time, even when we are not aware of it.”

And that is true.

Now if that is the ABSOLUTE truth, why aren’t most people happy? Why aren’t most people living the life of their dreams? Even more, why are most people living a life that either they definitely do not want, or even more sad, just letting life unfold itself to them by default?

Consider this...

How do you actually get the life that you want and are meant to have?

How do you actually live the life your Soul has intended for you?

How do you live a FULFILLED life?

Even more, why want fulfilled, exceptional, even extraordinary life?

The answer to the ‘why’ is easy:

Because your SOUL came for that. Your Soul came to expand, feel and experience it all and as much goodness as you would allow it.

The answer to the ‘how of it’  requires some diving. To talk about creating a fulfilled life is important to realize that we all come from a society that does not teach you to be a Conscious Creator. It does not guide you to consider that you are creating every single aspect of your life whether you are aware or not.

Then when we wake up to the notion that there is more to us and to life than what we have been told, it truly feels like Christmas. We start to change our thoughts and start to set intentions in creating things or experiences in our lives. WE BECOME MANIFESTORS.


To illustrate better, let’s look at the evolution we go through in our awareness of designing and having an extraordinary life:

  • By default


  • By designing your life with the guidance of your Soul


You are not aware.

You wake up and live your life according to whatever life brings you. You kind of just receive what the circumstances and people “throw” at you. (You may not even be aware you can set a ‘North Star’ on how you want your life to look.)

You receive all kinds of things in your life, pleasant and unpleasant and because of unawareness you will “roll with the punches” or learn to “deal with life”, totally living a life of chaos and victimhood consciously or unconsciously.


You are aware of healing, transformation, mindset or even positive thinking and you do that work and think that is enough. When you are here, you think it is enough to think positive and visualize in a positive way everything you want. This is the space where we think of having something and it shows up in reality. This is what we could call instant manifestation. Where you focus on the creation of cravings and creation is more a game you have just discovered.

Vibration is high and  thinking is positive, however, there is a level of disempowerment because you are being ‘drug’ down the river as opposed to leading the boat you are in. Mainly, you still haven’t fully remembered you are a Creator. In your original essence, you are a Creator because you are an extension of the Divine and the Divine creates the Universe and everything, all the time! Hence, you do too.


This is where the manifestation lists, visualizations, and techniques come in play.

First, you start to think of all the things you want in your life. Some journal, some visualize it and then… Some get to “work” by making all things happen and some just forget and things come whenever.

Here people create specific days or even events like perhaps a proposal or a promotion, some create a year of their lives. Work on attracting certain things like the soulmate or money.

Some even write what their 10 years in the future will look like, but all of that comes from the mind, the thinking mind that has already all the programming the person has received and all the beliefs the person has received. Meaning the ego has a say in designing your life.

Here you design your life based on all the things you have been told, like the big house or car or job and later on you might find yourself looking back realizing that you got what you asked for but it isn’t what you really wanted and you feel empty.

In this space, CONTROL shows up big time because your mind and beliefs are leading, the belief that you must work hard to get it might lead you to think that you have to do everything it takes. You ‘have to’…, and pushing and forcing things to make it happen shows up.

The Universe is bringing things to you that you have asked for. You are putting forth a lot of effort. There may be a subconscious belief that if you are not doing SOMETHING, even if it’s just visualizing, you will not get what you (your mind) desires to show up.


You dive with your Soul and design a deeper picture of what you want your future to look like according to the path your Soul has laid out for you even before you were born. This is co-creation at its best.

In this space, you tune in with your Soul and dive into everything your SOUL wants to deliver for you in this life. You ask, you visit all the areas that are important in life and you both generate an input.

Your SOUL and you create a vision and a plan on the 14 areas that are a part of you living this precious human life: Physical body, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Character, Relationships, Family, Friends, Social life, Finances, Career, Contribution, Quality of life and Experiences.

The work in this phase is to shed beliefs and learn to ALLOW, to let go of control issues and in general letting go of all traumas we have around not having what we want. Understanding deeply that all is well.

It is truly a journey where your ego gets to grow a lot as it is in a constant dance with wanting certain things and realizing that perhaps the Soul is not wanting you to go that way or wanting you to go about it in a different way.

The key is this space is to design your life by harmonizing both sides, listening to the human (ego) and Soul side is crucial to create a fulfilled and complete life. This is what actually creates the extraordinary life you are meant to have and live.

Now, keep in mind that this is all phases that we go through. Neither of the instances are good or bad, it is more an evolution aspect of where you are at and most important where you want to be. It implies that you are listening to yourself and choosing who you get to listen to: mind, ego or Soul.


It doesn’t matter where you are at or where you have been, what matters right now it is that you choose how you want to keep moving forward, how you want to live your life from now on.

As you grow you are called to create more consciously. And it is all about deciding and choosing.

Wherever you are, if you are deciding and choosing it, I invite you to join me at the event I’ve  coming on January 13th, from 10am MST (12pm EST) to 6pm MST (8pm EST): CREATE YOUR FUTURE

Join us either ONLINE, from the comfort of your home or if you want to take a day away from everyone join me IN-PERSON in Denver, CO. Either way, I look forward to having you–if you are choosing it.

That is exactly what you will gain:

Connect with your SOUL

Design your life for the following year in 14 areas that are important in your life

Clear blocks to have what you want

Download the path, the 14 areas, from your soul and co-design your life for the following 5 years

Integrate with the energy that actually will have you have all of it with ease

Can you imagine the results from this work?

Crystal clarity about your path


Deeper Integration with who you are

Open the path to having it with ease

Because here we are going to work with your SOUL but also going to work with your mind, your emotions, and your subconscious, really we are going to work with all that is you

As soon as you join, you get access to 1hr and 20 min of content and the 52-page workbook to start to create right away all the areas of life.

Also, if you can’t make it the whole time or can’t make it for this one, we will record it and have this in the Customer Hub for you to keep diving in.

Because we never stop having desires.

Decide and choose it.

As you do that, don’t let anything else get in the way, because trust me, your stuff will show up! Don’t let money, time, or family or anything else get in the way.

Choose yourself

Choose your higher path

Choose your Soul

Be loyal to your Soul.

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