Expressed Love
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You Inspire Me To Greatness!

Lisseth has expanded my awareness/thinking to the point of being uncomfortable all the time. She does this with so much love that even when I wanted to pull back I could not as love energized me and I knew where I was heading, right where my Soul wanted me to BE.

My main goal in joining the “Owning Your Path Group Experience” was to BE fully in my body. I definitely became more present in my body. I learnt how to connect with my Divine (did not even realize I was divine :-)) and I learnt to feel energy.

With every illusion that shifted I released more space to create what I truly want to see in life. My views shifted and are still shifting. I can now tolerate some resistance to my younger self. I used to not go near her. I realize the divine in me wants to embrace and love her. My environment at home has also changed. More light, more structure, more freedom, more joy, less sleep.

I definitely have to say that my biggest takeaway is that I am Divine.

Here I want to mention, I have worked with various coaches and they all brought something unique at the specific time. I am grateful for each of their guidance. Now that I work with Lisseth my growth has gone into orbit.

Never have I seen such fast change. Sure I did a lot of ground work to get here and be ready but the good news is it does not have to take that long for you. You can fast track by working with Lisseth.

The way she holds space for me and the commitment she shows towards my growth is a testimony to the person she is: Intentional/Focused, loving beyond expectation, dedicated to her own growth and world class at what she does as a result, her focus on supporting my break through into the new is as intense as my desire. Thanks Lisseth. You inspire me to greatness!

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Lisseth Helps Me Get To New Levels

Deciding to work with Lisseth changed my life in so many ways. When we began our coaching relationship I was terrified to use my gifts. I was afraid I would let people down, not be good enough and so, I only had few clients in my business.

In my 6 months with Lisseth, not only was I able to fill my coaching practice, but I am no longer paralyzed by fear. My gifts are expanding every week and my ability to help my clients is continuously deepening.

One of the many things that I love about Lisseth is that she is always deepening her own work. Sometimes I’ll have a session with her and think wow that is the deepest I have ever gone, healed, transmuted , shifted ect… And then down the road I work with her again and it somehow is even more powerful.

Lisseth helps me get to new levels ALL the time. My most recent session I reached a new level of expansion and remembering I didn’t even know it was possible. I couldn’t have imagined it in my mind. I am so deeply connected to who I am as a soul, I literally remember choosing this lifetime. I remember how I felt when I did. I was so excited! I can SEE, FEEL, HEAR that pure positive perspective of ME.

This is a new definition of “remembering who I am”. It is embodying. It is becoming. It is shattering ALL illusion. And absolutely nothing is in my way. Thank you sister ????

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Lisseth Helped Usher Me Into A Place Of Overflowing Joy

I had a one on one session with Lisseth that literally helped set me free from blocks that have been holding me hostage my entire life. Some I wasn’t even fully aware I had.

Trust me I get it…. I always felt that this “spiritual activation stuff” worked for others but not me. I want you to know I FELT the shift….I witnessed the damn break allowing all that I’ve desired to flow in…It can happen for you too!

She Helped Usher Me Into A Place Of Overflowing Joy.

She didn’t ask me to write this, I’m just so EXCITED and thought you all should know. If you’ve been on the fence, get off of it and work with Lisseth, your soul will thank you!

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Lisseth Has Been My Soul Doula And A Piece Of Who I Really Am, Returned Back To Me

Lisseth is a true leader, simply because ‘she walks her talk’. She doesn’t share what she herself has not experienced, grown through or expanded from. She is a fierce warrior who shows up even when she is face down in the arena. I love Lisseth and her work, because she is the real deal. She questions and goes beyond why even business marketing is done in a certain way… Lisseth always shows you another way that feels aligned with you.

Lisseth is a powerful soul, who dares to call you out on your B.S. She calls it as she sees it. She is not here to let you play small or to pitter patter through your healing journey. Lisseth, together with her team, guides you to become more of who you really are.

That is what she has done for me. I have participated in most of Lisseth’s group programs – thoroughly enjoying the journey of unraveling – peeling away the layers of trauma, pain, limiting beliefs, the illusion, becoming more and more of who I really am by embracing all of me. Through Lisseth’s magnificent energy and self healing work – I found a community of women who are on this path as well. Thanks to Lisseth and my unfolding journey, I find myself in a space today of living in Spirit.

In a pivotal healing session, Lisseth connected me to my soul family and a deep healing was done. This healing at the soul level, helped me to pay it forward to someone very important to me. In this process, a truth that had been hidden all my life was revealed and a piece of who I really am, my story, returned back to me. It was a powerful healing process that opened me up for so much more. I feel so empowered and free. Lisseth has been my soul doula and I am so happy to be journeying this path of life together with her.

If you are attracted to her, she may have told you that your soul, your energy is attracted to her. Join us in the community and find out for yourself why you’re being pulled. Listen to the nudging of you soul and go where you’re being led. What you’re about to discover about yourself – will stay with you for lifetimes to come.

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She’s Led Me Closer To My Purpose

I love Lisseth’s nature — she makes you feel comfortable, there is only openness and no judgment. Also I feel Lisseth asks the right probing questions that awaken my subconscious. She’ll say something today, and 24 hours later I have an idea or a thought that leads to something exciting and great. She has an incredible capacity for love, and totally non-judgmental. Her ability to know exactly how I was feeling and the root behind it.

On my first call with Lisseth, she pushed me on my purpose. She said there was more I was supposed to do that I wasn’t doing. This caught me off guard because I always felt I was on my path and had it structured. She unblocked an unconscious fear for me.

About 48 hours later after a session with her, I had a download and a vision of something I was supposed to build, that connected all the dots for me — why I was doing what I was currently doing for a living, what led me here, the network I built along the way… The best part was the idea was incorporated with all the fun things that I love about work and life. In 2 short months, this vision is materialised, and I’m moving full steam ahead with new found passion and purpose.

On another concrete occasion I had to deal with a difficult emotional situation I had with a live-in household staff. I felt that my staff was down and completely shut off, making it hard for me to communicate with or help her. Within a few days of seeking Lisseth’s help to balance energies, my staff came out of her void, and so far, is opening up, asking for hugs, and even being more positive in her whole approach to life!

Thanks to my work with Lisseth, I know now there is magic in something you can’t see and touch. What Lisseth does works, and I’m happy to know that she’s always there to be an activation guide when I need it.

She’s helped lead me closer to my purpose so much so that I wake up every day inspired by my work, and she’s also helped me with personal emotional issues. She’s gentle in her approach, so much so that you might not think it worked, but then in the coming days you start to see the effect and you know that it was because of the work done with and by Lisseth.

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I Am In Constant Awe Of Our Work Together

One of the best things about working with Lisseth is how I feel after our work – on top of the world – which lasts for weeks by the way.

In reality, working with Lisseth has brought so much to my life. I manifested and moved into my dream home, my yearly income grew by 80 thousand dollars, I hired 5 new people for my small business, my husband and I are more happy in our relationship, I have a few new friends. Deep contentment in my body. The kind of fulfillment one can feel only after soul growth.

I am in constant awe of our work together. Lately my big aha has been the realization that in order to feel like I belong, like I’m good enough to belong to the human family, I just have to be myself. It’s easy to say but it’s the experience of being in a social situation and realizing that being me is not only enough but what connects me.

Let me tell you one thing, working with Lisseth is so worth any amount of money. Not only will it help your income explode it will help your life burst into a celebration. It’s not always easy, there are crappy struggling times where you feel like its slogging through @#$%! mud. Yes you will want to swear! But the aha you gain that flips this state around is such a powerful learning experience. You will be so proud of yourself. You will feel so grateful. It’s just amazing how good you will feel in your skin. It is just so worth it to work with Lisseth.

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I am trusting my soul and walking in my purpose

I found I could only take myself so far. I knew I was meant for more. I could see the vision so clearly, but I felt like I couldn’t access it by myself, or with what I had tried in the past. I hired Lisseth because I KNEW, my whole being knew, that she was the REAL healer and coach who could access me, see my gifts and my soul mission, AND what was in the way. She was the biggest commitment to my growth I had ever made. It was a huge leap for me. And I knew that she would be efficient, effective, loving, truthful, wise, and intuitive to the point of physic….really connecting with my soul, spirit, and my guides to reveal to me all the messages, healings, and direction I needed to hear and take action on.

Everything I thought, desired, and hoped for, happened with Lisseth’s private coaching. I went from judging myself, to loving myself more fully. From being aware of the patterns stopping me and feeling powerless to them, to having my power finally shift and transmute as they arise within me with more ease. I connect with my own inner guidance more clearly now, my visions are coming true, thanks to her guidance and the energy work we did together, I sold my business with ease, grace, collaboration and to the perfect new owner, and I got super clear on my soul mission, and trust my soul to bring it to life.

One of the biggest things I received was the end of an ancient pattern of mine to give away my power to things and people outside of me, helping me to know more clearly what is mine, and what is others. I am able to say NO, and YES with certitude, I am able to make more choices from my soul rather than from ego, I receive what I desire now more fully, I trust happiness again, and I feel like I could do anything, manifest anything as I truly know myself to be a goddess, the vanguard, the visionary that I am, and truly own it!

I give credit to Lisseth and her miraculous gifts, tools, programs/workshops, and awareness for busting me through the ceiling I had placed on myself my whole life, that even if other people couldn’t see, I could really feel it, and was suffering because of it. I had been playing so small. I couldn’t have expanded so fast without her and her powerful guidance!! I am finally free to be all of me and take action on my soul mission!

I have never known anyone like her, or was able to let anyone in to truly see me, get me, and assist me in my evolution. Life is more magical now, because of this magical human and soul, Lisseth Wurtz!!! I am so happy I had the courage and vulnerability to say YES to her, YES to myself, YES to more and more light coming to our world.

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She Is A Powerhouse

What I love most about working with Lisseth is her deep knowing and complete non judgement. She holds space for you in a way that very few other humans can. She helps you dive deep, deeper, and deeper still with complete understanding, love, and compassion. Her empathy is unparalleled with anyone else, and she is able to take you places you never knew you could go, all the while holding your hand and gently coaxing you to dive deeper into you own space, and to become who you truly are.

What I am experiencing with Lisseth is total human transformation. We’re healing so many things, which allows me to release fears, beliefs, and things that subconsciously hold me back. As a result I feel that my gifts are growing in magical and unexpected ways! I feel happier knowing that together we are doing much needed work, and I feel so supported knowing that she is there to hold my hand every step of the way. And to top it all off MORE money is showing up faster than expected.

My biggest takeaways from our work thus far, that I am already everything that I need to be. I am already perfect and complete.

Lisseth will change your life, if you’re ready. She will help you learn more about yourself, peel back layers, and help you to become the person that you know you can be. Her coaching is gentle and she gives you everything you need to achieve your goals. She is a powerhouse. She is fully herself. She is radiant. She embodies what a soul’s power really can be. Because she is all of these things, she is an example for how you can be too.

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I learnt so much about myself

I’ve been on a path of expansion for the last few years and when I was introduced to Lisseth last year my growth accelerated in way I didn’t know it was possible.

I did a few of Lisseth’s paid group programs and I learnt so much about myself and how I was the one keeping me from living my truth and being healthy.

I am now at the point of jumping off the cliff. I’ve met my true love, quit my secure job of 11 years, and am moving to a new city to have new experiences and focus on my healing practice.

I was afraid of all these things to the point that I wasn’t taking action but not anymore! Lisseth has helped me get to where I am today. Be prepared to go deep fast and transform your life. Thank you Lisseth for helping me along my path!

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I Was Able To See Major Shifts

One of the things I love most about working with Lisseth is her ability to know exactly how I was feeling and the root behind it.

Thanks to our work together I was able to see major shifts in my marriage and in my relationship with myself. I also have developed the ability to recognize triggers WAY faster and be able to release the reasons behind them. With her I learned that most of the conflict in my life was due to deep rooted wounds.

Working with Lisseth has been absolutely transformative. She has an ability to connect with your soul in a way that I never experienced before. Her voice is soothing and her smile is contagious!

She has a way of making you feel like you are her most valued client although she’s working with multiple amazing women at a time.

Her work is so magical that it’s actually hard to put into words. I can tell you this, if you want to look at the deepest corners of yourself, your heart, your soul, your mind, your spirit, connect with her now!

Your entire life will shift. I guarantee it.

I'm no longer faking being happy

I am a writer, I am a singer, I am a healer. I believe I’ve done every group program Lisseth’s facilitated and each one has been just mind-blowing in the quantum leaps that it takes you through. You know you get out of it what you put into it and I’ve put my heart and soul into every single one because I knew it was what I needed.

The very first programmed I joined, I was doing a very good job of faking being a happy person, since then I have been in the “I am that I am”, “MAGICfesting”, “Money and I” and I am now “Soul Gifts Biz” program, all of them unique and amazing and different and each of them provided me with these stepping stones to get to where I am today.

I’m no longer faking being happy. I truly am and I truly I have peeled away so many layers and released so much resentment and anger and fear that I carried around my whole life that really was starting to affect me in a huge negative way.

I am a totally different person and I’ve said that, but it’s not true, I am the same person with a lot of this dirt finally off. I’m the same diamond with a lot of this dirt washed off and cleaned off and now I am beginning to sparkle and shine and discover my gifts and discover my true purpose and my path, where before about a year and a half ago, I knew my life was taking a new path and I was kind of sitting on the road not wanting to move forward on it because I was scared, now I feel like I’ve got a good jog pace going and I’m gonna keep that up.

One thing I love about this stuff is that you know if you want baby steps that’s what you’ll get, if you want quantum leaps, that’s what you’ll get and that’s what she specializes in, that’s what I wanted and so she’s changed my life and I knew that would happen because we met at exactly the right time. Everything in perfect timing as she would say.

Her presence and working with her has really brought me to life to the point I never, never felt this alive before. I love her and she knows it and she’s wonderful and please join her programs let her let her guide you. Thank you.

I look forward to working with her again

Working with Lisseth was a truly wonderful experience. It can be a challenge to find spiritual healing that is profound, but I found it in Lisseth.

She is one of the most clear channels and most effective facilitators to divine healing that I have worked with. I found the structure of her session to be very conducive to my needs. As I walked in I was “unsure” as to where exactly we would go, and while I certainly had some areas in my life where I wanted to focus, I really appreciated Lisseth opening up the direction to be guided by Spirit. Her encouragement to “let go” lead me in directions I did not even realize needed healing … she held a mirror to my blind-spots. She used her highly in-tune intuition to work with my personal energy and blocks in a powerful co-creation of release and expansion. I look forward to working with her again in the future and can only expect that each session will bring more and more Light into my life.

Lisseth Helped Me Release Emotional and Energetic Blocks Preventing Me From Healing

I recently completed Lisseth’s “I Am That I Am” program and truly feel like a different person than when I began. I suffer from several chronic illnesses and felt that I had lost myself while navigating through these health issues.

I went into the program, hoping that I could release any emotional or energetic blocks that were preventing physical healing as well as wanting to develop my intuition so I could confidently make choices regarding my health.

Having finished the program now, these objectives were totally achieved. Yes, there are still health struggles, but my body has made progress in so many ways and I know a big part of it is due to how much more emotionally balanced and capable I feel when it comes to coping with stressors; This is a dramatic shift from where I was prior to “I Am That I Am!”

Also I find it so much easier to make decisions regarding my treatment and care now that I am so attuned to my intuitive inner voice. Gone is the belief that everyone else knows better than I do when it comes to my body and life choices! It is so much easier to trust myself and decisions now.

My husband has even commented on the positive changes he has seen in me during the course of the program. And The best part is that I am STILL growing and benefiting, even with the program being over.

I still employ the tools I learned and make more progress every day. I am so grateful for the experience and to be expanding in so many beautiful ways! If Lisseth’s warm, vibrant energy isn’t enough to convince you, take it from me. She is a gem and will guide you in discovering your potential, your true radiant self. Do yourself that favor, you are worth it!

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You Will Not Regret It

I really appreciate Lisseth’s commitment to each of us and her constant dedication to the group and making videos for all of us for our weekly questions. Her energy, vibrancy and glow of life is/was amazing too.

The biggest transformation I went through in the “Owning Your Path Group Experience” was defined change of my business focus, pursuing another career that I have wanted to focus on for many years now but didn’t have the emotional ability to follow but now I am doing it.

I am definitely feeling a larger sense of happiness, confidence, no f’s given towards what other people are thinking/feeling about me, and a visceral feeling that my cells are being more accepting of nutrients than they were before. Not sure how to explain that yet.

My favorite and most profound takeaway was that change can happen in an instant.

Lisseth’s contagious energy and loving expression of life is imbued into everything she does. Her generous nature, kind heart and deep knowing all lend to instant magic and transformation while working with her if you feel the call to be guided by her, join her, you will not regret it.

Debbie Hagedorn
I love you, Lisseth! Keep expanding

I prepped for this immersion like I’ve never prepped before. I knew it would lead to a much bigger part of who I truly am. I gave complete focus to both repeating the Open Your Heart journey as well as the immersion clearing prior to our call.

The call itself was very fruitful. Those who were in attendance brought up the perfect things to be destroyed. I gave full permission for complete destruction.

For me, the greatest structure that needed to come down was that of my mind needing to control my experiences and outcomes. I still feel her showing up and testing. I have been gently reminding her that is the old way and we are doing things differently now.

I asked for the code of truth, and it started flooding my experience. I am in the process of simply allowing this to happen right now.

My most recent work with Lisseth was participation in her Soul Leadership immersion. Prior to the immersion itself, which is a deep dive into your non-physical bodies to “clean house” and open up more of your energetic space for what you truly desire to come in, Lisseth offered many preliminary steps to take to prepare for what is a very intense journey. I chose to complete them all as though my life depended on my doing them. As my desire is to be my divine in the physical, indeed my soul is depending on me to do whatever it takes.

The immersions (this was my third one) are always the perfect group of souls who come together with the intention of each doing their own work. Within an immersion, though, things that are hiding in one person are brought up via what another person has to share, and therein lies the magic. Multiple clearings (I believe this time it was referred to as a mess of spaghetti noodles!) happen because we all show up for ourselves. The experience is nothing short of life altering!

In the days following the immersion, I continue to allow shifts to happen. There is need to trust, to allow, and to simply observe without judgment. The work is then completed in exactly the right time for each soul provided they take any inspired action every day that follows.

Lisseth has been a teacher for me from the very beginning of my journey to embody all of who I truly am. Her work is exceptional. If you are wanting to take big leaps instead of hopping along or staying stuck, you are in the right space.

Angela Legh Avery
This container has changed me; I am more connected to my heart and more open!

What would it be like to love unconditionally? To let go of all triggers, all expectations, all fears? This immersion sets you on the path to loving unconditionally. Loving yourself; loving others. Through Lisseth’s powerful immersion, I was able to tap into Christ consciousness and I have begun my journey to loving unconditionally all of the time.

I love you! ????❤️????

I am now back on track with my life’s purpose

Lisseth is an insightful and powerful healer. I went to her to locate and remove some deep inner blocks that were making it difficult for me to focus on important goals in my life.

She skillfully located these deep-seated issues, lifted the hold they had on my body and gave me some tools to help me continue the work on my own. I not only felt refreshed and more energetic, but those issues no longer haunt me, and I am now back on track with my life’s purpose. Highly recommended!”

Julie Lisseth Wertz Testimonial 06 1
My Ability To Feel Passion, Joy And Become Truly Magnetic, Has Expanded Tenfold!

I was stuck in my business (and my life) and reached out to work with Lisseth. Business-wise, I was toggling two separate, but related careers. I had fears, negative beliefs and outside energies that were blocking my path, as I was pioneering and creating something new. Currently, my business is thriving in the form of increased income, more fun and ease in both my professions. My ability to feel passion, joy and become truly magnetic, has expanded tenfold! But what’s more important is to see these changes spill into my family and my clients, whom I truly cherish. An unexpected bonus of working with Lisseth, was not only clearing these obstacles for myself and business but my teenage daughter benefited as well, as evidenced by an exponential surge in her self esteem. Forever grateful for Lisseth and her work on this planet!!

Nancy Lisseth Wertz Testimonial 05 1
I Gained Clarity Around My Own Powerful Life’s Mission

My first experience with Lisseth was a group Space Clearing Workshop. I knew right away that her work was powerful and unique. As I started participating in her group programs I knew I wanted to work with her 1:1. I was in transition in so many ways and in trying to learn to create my new coaching business, but I felt like my voice was getting lost in the process as I kept following the different coaches that spoke in the industry.

As I started to work with Lisseth one of the things I noticed about her was that any session that we came to work with, she always really tuned into my energy, it was never about her agenda and what she needed to share, instead it was always about her really checking in with what I needed most in that session.

I found the sessions were very powerful. As I had a few big things come up over this past year of us working together, the work with her really amazed me. I was able to see every single time how quickly I was able to transition through things that maybe in the past would have taken a long time to work through.

Her support is immeasurable. She was always there for me and she would check in from time to time to see if I needed it, of course, she would also notice energetically that I would need the extra support

I did several of her group programs during that time as well and I found there was really great support in the groups that she created. People really came together to

support each other and do the work together and that created the bigger energy for more transformation as well.

One of the things that we’ve worked deeply and that was key for me was really learning to value my work and bringing more confidence in it. I have a ton of knowledge, abilities and skills but I really needed to go deeper into it. As a result, nowadays I’m really owning my value more, I’m really understanding who I am as a teacher as a coach as an energy healer and I feel like I’m approaching my business from this whole new level of confidence.

I am so grateful to her for guidance and presence and everything that she contributed in my path. If you feel called to walk the journey with her, do not hesitate in joining her, do it for you, do it for your Soul.

I’m so grateful for Lisseth coming into my life

Amazing energy worker! I’m so grateful for Lisseth coming into my life. Anxiety was overwhelmingly taking over my thoughts and my chest felt like it was in a vice; it was difficult for me to get a deep breath.

The first coaching session Lisseth got me to calm down and removed the negative energy which had me hostage. Most recently our call focused on the downward spiral my mind was taking which was creating a block to living a more rewarding life. I had always heard of the law of attraction but didn’t know how to get the joyful feelings behind the thoughts in order to manifest. I’m feeling more positive and upbeat these days. When I start the downward thought pattern I use the emotional tools Lisseth taught me to get myself back into positive thoughts and emotions. Watching my life change for the better.

I was able to make conscious decisions regarding my life path

Everyone needs to know the power of your impact or (in my case) the depth of dire circumstances with which you can assist. I was so lost that I was just waiting around to die – yeah I know that’s sad but that’s the truth of how I felt most of the time.
I would like to “speak” to women in similar circumstances as mine.

You gently guided me and guide those seeking clarity to a personal truth by unveiling the lies that detour or derail the chosen path.

Lisseth helped me make sense out of the distractions that cause anguish, frustration, or confusion and drain energy; allowing the internal voice that has been guiding me since before I was born to be heard more clearly.

With the empowerment inherent that comes from doing the work with Lisseth, you end up being renewed. I was able to make conscious decisions regarding my life path, manifest the potential I already possess, step into my unique greatness, and live the best version of myself. Trust me, if I received that you will too. Filled with awe and appreciation for what you do!

Lisseth Wertz Ashley Testimonial 08 1
I Am Honored To Know Lisseth In This Lifetime

Lisseth is completely showing up for life by investing in her own self discovery on an ongoing basis. This creates so much more authenticity and connection in the space than if there was a teacher-student type relationship.

Lisseth has helped me with releasing a key pattern from childhood (having to be a specific person with specific characteristics in the family system) that kept holding me back from the next level of my expansion. The best part was when I realized that I don’t have to always revisit my childhood wounds to release them.

After our time together I felt greater ease, flow, trust, allowance, connection to soul and my deepest purpose.

My experience with Lisseth has been enriching, deepening and nourishing. She has a tremendous gift of bringing softness and grace, yet incredible power and sharp wisdom into the work she does. She has helped so many I know come into more of themselves, including many benefiting from her gifts as an expert in the Raising Humanity space. She is consciously committed to a world that speaks of love and truth. I am honoured to know Lisseth in this lifetime.

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I was able to successfully start my new business!

Lisseth has been such a shiny bright light in my life. When I met Lisseth I was on the upswing of going through a deep dark place where I was questioning everything and I was in a deep crisis of meaning.

I found my life’s calling when I was in that deep dark place so I’m very grateful for that. However I still had so many obstacles ahead of me that I met Lisseth at the most serendipitous moment halfway through studying my new chosen career and I jumped into one of her programs and I absolutely loved it, I started to transform and shift things that had been holding me back for so long.

Later on, as I was getting ready to really move forward to becoming an entrepreneur I immediately jumped into her “Money and I” program which is exactly what I needed at that moment because I was so scared of moving forward from being in a corporate job for a long time but I knew that I had this bigger purpose, I knew that I needed to do scientific hand analysis as it just speaks to my heart.

Lisseth really came through for me through that program as I was aware of a lot of the challenges and I wasn’t quite sure on how to break those blocks that I have held onto for so long.

I was able to quit my job almost immediately as I joined the program. She has taken me so far on my journey, I never envisioned being able to quit my full-time job and fully embrace my life as a healer and my business and I’m just so grateful, so forever grateful for all of the things she taught me and most importantly because she taught me how to believe in myself, to really believe in myself and that everything is possible.

Lisseth I appreciate you so much, I love you and thank you, bye

Words cannot express enough all that you have done for me

Lisseth has absolutely transformed not only the way I look at the world but the way I look at myself.

I always knew I was an empath but I never knew how to control taking others peoples energies.

I constantly felt overwhelmed and anxious for no reason. Now I can block other people’s energies from attaching to me. There is never an overwhelming feeling anymore. I have worked with her in many ways. Months ago I was having physical chest pain. Then found out it I needed to clear all of the black matter and foreign energies inside of my heart. After a few sessions, all of that got out, we did it! Now the pain is completely gone! Our work together has helped my opened up to not only to feel more empowered but actually to tap into my soul essence and my soul gifts. And now I am using my gifts to serve other people in the world. I defiantly recommend her to anyone I come in contact with. I have never met someone who caters to what I need rather than telling me what I need. That is what sets her apart from any healer and coach. You can’t categorize her because she does it all. She listens to what you need and every person is so different. Thank you so much Lisseth for your gifts and your work. I feel that words cannot express enough all that you have done for me. I am grateful beyond measure.

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My life is so different now I can't even recall what I was like

No clarity of words that would match the transformation I went through with you, Lisseth.

It’s also challenging to remember myself before. I finally have so many clients coming in, remember when I was struggling to receive them and even then, payments were not coming?

I am shifting from me doing the work, to me working with people organizations on their vision as I just know how to hit the right spot for them, plus let’s say I am doing it with a touch of life coaching. The creative work around design will be done by my team which it is what I’m creating now thanks to all the breakthroughs and expansion I went through with you.

What I want to create is a completely new model for the clients that need our services and for creatives to finally feel deeply inspired by the project they work on.

All that is besides the two other projects that I feel deeply inspired to create in the long run that has nothing to do with design. To be able to get this all up of course requires a lot of my own growth which is the best part.

Thank you for everything. It feels good to rise further with you. You are a life changer. Thank you for taking that role and leading us further!

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She Has Taught Me More In 8 Months Than All My Teachers

Lisseth is an intuitive and powerful goddess who listens to your needs, supports you through self-questioning exercises to find answers, and then moves energy around to support you. She is loving and kind; and she is respectful of the path your soul is on.

Lisseth has helped me overcome deeply embedded feelings of not being worthy of love. This has resulted in me being open to the possibility of romantic love in my life. She has helped me release money blocks, resulting in long awaited funds arriving into my bank account.

Lisseth has facilitated my Spiritual connection and has taught me to think and speak from my heart. I am happy, I am confident, and I am ready to take on the world!

My biggest aha moment with Lisseth was when she asked me to ask my Soul what love is. I was shown images of sweet love, then an image of harsh love. I balked, and said that screaming is not love. Lisseth told me to check with my Soul. I was shown that abuse and screaming is love, but it is fear based love. Such an eye opener!

If you yearn for a deep soul connection, or if you need deep emotional healing, Lisseth will guide you on your path to wholeness.

Lisseth has taught me more in 8 months than all of my other spiritual teachers have done over the years. She is amazing, she is powerful, she is love personified.

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Each Time I Work With Her It Gets Better And Better!

It’s been such an honor working with Lisseth for about two years now. I was in such a dark place and somehow was guided to Lisseth like a beacon of light that she is, and she’s truly been leading me home.

Lisseth has an uncanny way to create a safe space where you feel safe to bloom and be you, while embodying everything that you’re calling in. She makes you feel like you can fly and personally made me realize how amazing personal growth is! I’m so grateful for my experience with her.

Each container I’ve joined with Lisseth she presents something totally different, nothing is monotonous or boring. I had no idea Soul growth could be so easy, awesome, safe, and fun!!!!

One of my favorite things of the “Owning Your Path Group Experience”, I felt it was a very supportive/nurturing environment. I’m personally not one to show emotions, and for me to feel so comfortable to release sporadically like many of us did was such a beautiful thing. It’s like a sisterhood.

I’ve learned to heal my money relationship, call in My Divine, tap into the true essence of who I am, clear my own energy, call back my power, etc. Everything I have wanted from day one in this path.

I’m definitely more confident and vibrant being myself which I’ve never really been like that. I’m way more grateful, trusting in the unfolding of my path, loving to peers and myself which is new, super optimistic for my future but also my present, and way more connected to source. I’m learning to appreciate everything about me and make the most out of life.

I now know my triggers are signals for me to release and heal, the answers were there all along and I’ve been programmed to inadvertently use my dad as a scapegoat to avoid diving deeper in my inner work. MIND BLOWING!!! Also I know that money really is coming to me, and my dad’s money stories will never be mine. I’m very excited and feel so supported.

I’ve felt so safe in my expansion and just truly so wonderful in my own skin. I have so much love for the collective now, and finally am stepping into my power. I feel so good being me, more confident than ever, loving, grateful, trueing and SO excited for everything I’m calling in. It’s been amazing and each time I work with her it gets better and better. This was the first container I’ve ever done, and it’s been absolutely incredible. I am so excited for our other calls!!!!!!

I love Lisseth!!!! So so so grateful for you and the time you give to all of us. You’ve changed my life and made me blossom. I’m so grateful to have been guided to you ????????????????????????????

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Lisseth Teased My “True Me” Out Of Me!

Our journey ended yesterday. Not forever just for now. And today morning it hit me. Tears are streaming down my face and the keys on the keyboard are fuzzy.

You see, relationship with your soul life coach is like no other. Yesterday I was so excited to take off and venture to another adventure and today the realisation hit me. My best friend, my buddy, my safe net, my guide and life line has come to an end. We’re still going to see each other and support each other but it’s going to be different.

I feel like I have grown a little and I’m leaving the nest. I’m a teenager! And I have a great need to go backpacking, push my boundaries and test what I am made of. When I come back I hope she’ll have me back like a mother. I will drop my dirty laundry and she’ll feed me and love me. Because I will need her once again.

I was secretly hoping she’ll tell me, like in the past, honey you are just having a wobble and my job is to call you out when this happens, remember? But yesterday she said no, you are ready. We are complete. Oh crap.

I met Lisseth last year in California, baby! Long story, but I got to go to San Diego for a four-day retreat for life coaches from my coaching academy. We connected on Facebook beforehand and bunked together in the hotel.

I knew from minute one that she’s special and I need to explore what she is about. I wasn’t planning on hiring a life coach but I couldn’t not. It was calling me. So, a month later I did. And oh boy.

Let’s just say, 10 months ago I had no idea what was coming. For starters I was so lost. I had no confidence. I could barely speak and I didn’t know anything about myself. I just knew I had courage, bravery and a huge drive to change my life. I was adventurous and I was willing to give things a go.

Lisseth totally pushed my boundaries. Always showed the bigger, better version of me. Literally teased my “true me” out of me. It’s been a wild journey, a roller-coaster of emotions, but so worth it. And I went along with it, as uncomfortable as it was at times, because I knew she knows better than I. So today I am starting a new journey. Changed, grown up, happy, complete. Until next time.

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My Soul came back to my body

Lisseth is great about guiding you to see things that may be out of your view in a very comfortable and safe process. She supports you in a way that holds you responsible for your part and also helps see where you can ask for help and receive what you need.

I have worked with Lisseth over the course of 3 years and in many ways from 1-on-1 to group programs. Before Lisseth, I was completely disconnected from myself and my body. In meditations I would pass out so quickly because my mind/body could not process what was happening. I could not feel emotion and never really “knew” my divine connection. Now I can process emotions, enjoy meditations and actually feel the energy happening around me and within me when we are shifting things. I have way too many things to say exactly what she helped with but I have more peace around money, I can find clients easier and run my business without holding back. I have learned what I need and want in my life and I would actually say I am spiritual and connected to my divine and the energy around me.

I am definitely more connected to my soul. I feel my confidence in myself has grown tremendously and I can also connect easier with others energy in a positive manner.

Working with Lisseth has been such an honor. She is highly intuitive, spiritually connected and highly skilled at what she does with people. I have seen major things in my life and business shift when working with her. Lisseth always seems to know what is happening with me sometimes even way before I am conscious of it. I highly recommend Lisseth if you are looking to tap into your natural gifts, be more connected to yourself in mind/body/soul and also to feel more at peace in your life.

Lisseth Teased My “True Me” Out Of Me!

This was my first interaction with Lisseth in her work as a healer. As someone who works in the healing arts myself, I can only recommend her to everyone! Her heart is wide open, her insight is deep and totally accurate and she leaves you with a sense of optimism and feeling held. What a gift you are to humanity Lisseth. Thank you for your work.

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I Have Seen Major Things In My Life And Business Shift

Thanks to Lisseth’s incredibly powerful guidance, all the scattered pieces of me – my Soul that I had unawarely shattered – came back to my body and for the first time I felt whole.

I also realized that nothing has to be separated, and when we get rid of the illusion of separation, magic happens. I literally felt the energy of all things shine brighter than I ever saw before. I have felt the burning heat of the ONE powerful energy totally invading my body in waves.

I felt like a phoenix in a sense. It was beautiful. I am so grateful, it’s beyond word???? ???? Love Love Love ????

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The Depths Of Lisseth’s Soulful Insights Is Astonishing

Lisseth has an incredible capacity for love, and is totally non-judgmental. In our time together, I was able to release self-doubt.

I now know I don’t have to hold on to life patterns that were established generations ago and are no longer serving me.

The depth of Lisseth’s soulful insights is astonishing. I felt like she held the most sacred space for me, allowing for vulnerability and deep exploration of ancestral patterns. Being able to let go of the nagging feeling of low self worth was freeing.