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Can you do it alone?

“Can I do it alone?

Can I progress on my own?

Questions that once in a while I receive from other leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and the likes.

For me, doing it alone is you only relying on your own insights, beliefs, experiences, and does not  include consulting any books, videos, or mentors for knowledge. It’s literally just you. Nothing else. Not even going to school. Literally just you living on your own sort of “world”.

Can you really survive with isolation?

So let’s unpack, different aspects of: 

  • Should I do it alone, or 
  • Should I join a program (ask for help, hire a coach/consultant) that helps me not only progress, but expand, advance, and breakthrough.

To set this straight… Of course, YOU CAN DO IT ALONE.

You are powerful. 

You have everything that you need to make it in this world. 

Every single person has everything inside themselves, and every single person has access to their gifts, their guidance and their higher self.

This is where the confusion & ego come in: “but I have everything that I need inside of me. I can do it alone.

On the same token, if you would be able to do it alone you would have already achieved it. Here is important to remember: the design of this planet is to not do it alone.

The existence on this planet is to do it together in society

Questions to ponder upon…

  • Can a heart surgeon operate on himself alone? Sounds impossible, right? Wouldn’t he ask another surgeon to take over his case and help him with the surgery?
  • Can a teacher leave his/her students alone to learn everything by themselves? 
  • Would a speaker show up in an empty crowd because he/she just wants to do it alone?
  • Could you live alone?

The REAL question is, would you truly be happy growing in isolation

Whether you are a teacher, a transformational coach, a speaker, a therapist, a writer or a photographer—whatever your “definition” is of what you do in this world—you do it because you love it, you can do it, and you have a purpose of doing it. And you know that these people who need your genius, your magic, your knowledge that perhaps hasn’t been put out there before – cannot do it alone without you. 

And that’s the same thing for you

You want to grow… 

You want to move farther…

You want to accelerate faster

You want to get there soon…

You want breakthroughs after breakthroughs…

That’s when the power of someone facilitating you comes in—the power of DOING LIFE TOGETHER. The power of having someone not just encourage you but someone who actually gets into the power of the unconscious and creates transformations with you.

Let’s dive even further into this topic with 3 examples I have for you: 

  1. I have this friend that has been looping, trying to get ahead with her business. And she is a genius at working in the quantum and diving deep. She wouldn’t need any help on that. And yet, she isn’t able to move, even to call in and attract the person that she needs to help with her business. Why, if she‘s a genius at finding patterns and being aware and shifting it. Just… Why does it happen? 
  1. I have another friend that is also great in quantum. She has very powerful codes for abundance & money. People that work with her make a lot of money. Yet, she’s been in this space for over a year, where she can’t break the pattern of high and dry over and over even though she has been doing the deep work. She’s been shifting, she’s been doing the physical, she’s been going to the gym, she’s been through the talk, she’s been doing energy work. She knows about the quantum. And yet, these patterns keep being sticky. 
  1. And then I’m going to review the third example from my own experience. I’ve been trying for the longest time to break a pattern around my reach: reaching a bigger audience, creating more transformation for more people. I consider myself one of the top people that knows about working in the quantum. I don’t know many people who have the same level of detail that I see and that I work at. I only know one other person that can work as much in detail on the quantum as I do. And so, I’ve worked on this pattern with several coaches, healers, and facilitators and yet have not been able to break through this ceiling, the ceiling on money & on people. I’ve received all kinds of insights and this and that, and I did the shift. But nothing major has happened. Until I just found the right person.

Again, you have everything inside of you.

But your curtains of perception, beliefs, experiences, unseen traumas and the thousands of thoughts each day from your conscious mind has may be blocking you from the desires of your soul.

A very important topic: We have to break through from the distorted program we hold within, created in the old world thinking we need to do it alone. That we don’t need anybody and anything else. This is a lie that keeps you from growing big and to continue downplaying yourself. You can do it big in this world like Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and other big players in the industry. They have people who got their backs alongside owning the truth that they can do whatever it is they want to do.

Now ask yourself first, “can you do it alone?” Because if there’s doubt, if you think doing it alone is impossible, then even the “best program in the world” or the greatest geniuses won’t be able to help you. It’s a work that starts from the inside-out. Own your genius first. 

And step into a container of growth & support and KNOW exactly IN YOUR HEART and all of your body that you are powerful enough to do it alone—you CAN do it, and you WANT to do it. You have a purpose. Lean into WHY you are doing it. 

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