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A Little Story About My 2018


Where to start? Alright, just in case you have forgotten what I am about or just plain don’t know, let me share a little about me. Hello, my name is Lisseth Wertz. I grew up in Peru and I have been living in the States for almost 18 years. I consciously started my Spiritual path…

When You Grow, Your Tribe Shows Up

When you grow, your tribe shows up

One of the things I have found myself craving, pretty much all of my life, is a group of friends. More recently this translates to COMMUNITY and SISTERHOOD. Has it always been easy for you to make friends? Has it always been easy for you to just walk up to stranger and become really good…

Have You Ever Wondered Whose Life Are You Living

Have you ever wondered whose life are you living?

Think about this. You wake up one day and you realize that you have done everything in the checklist: the career, the job, the wife/husband, the kids, the house, the trips, the cruises, etc. And… you do not feel fulfilled. This was “Tom” in a conversation with me this past week. Or… You are in…

Love And Light Grounding

LOVE and light grounding

How is Embodying Love and Light Practical? Why are we doing all this spiritual work for? How does it help us in our daily lives? There is a lot of confusion in the Spiritual arena right now, and the journey of personal growth and transformation. Many believe that they have to be outside the body,…

Is Utopia Real

Is Utopia Real?

With all the commotion on the planet right now, many are questioning where the world is going, and wondering where we stand. More people are ending relationships, getting divorced, and more are experiencing anxiety and depression. It feels like everything is falling apart. As Conscious Creators wanting to change the world, we are sensitive to…

No Gas And 12 Miles To Go

No Gas and 12 Miles to Go

What does it mean to trust? It’s one thing to know in your mind that you trust, but it’s quite another to really feel it and move into that space. I have a story to share with you that happened to me last week. It proved to me that KNOWING you trust and FEELING you…

Are You An Enabler

Are you an Enabler?

Let’s talk about money. Money is a big deal, right? Let’s get something straight. Money is a big deal NOT because it’s a big deal, but because we MAKE it a big deal with our stories and programs. Money is energy, plain and simple. What would you do if you allowed yourself to receive money?…

Why Are We Here On Earth Now

Why are we here on Earth NOW?

Many of us went through the HATCHING process, and when you hatched, you felt like you could take on the world, right? The HATCHING was an invitation for us all to get adjusted internally, getting us ready for the next level in our lives here on Earth. Some of you had a harder time than…

Hatching Part V Congratulations, You Have Hatched

Hatching Part V: Congratulations, You Have Hatched!

I believe everything comes to us in perfect timing. If you are watching this, then it’s likely that you have HATCHED, or are getting ready to HATCH! I was fortunate to have the specific date that I would HATCH from the beginning, thanks to my guides. Three days before that day, my beautiful soul sister…

Hatching Part Iv The Peak Of The Hatching Process

Hatching Part IV: The PEAK of the HATCHING Process

I know what you’re going through. I’ve been through it myself. The HATCHING process is not pretty, but if you allow it, you will come through it with ease and flow. You CANNOT accelerate the process, but you CAN do some clearings to lower your resistance, including my Clearing to Love Yourself that you can…

Hatching Part Iii The Old, Old Old, Stories

Hatching Part III: The OLD, OLD OLD, Stories

This energetic phenomenon I’m calling “Hatching,” is happening to many, many lightworkers all around the world right now. Anyone who is on the path to Ascension is going through this. Those who don’t know what’s going on will tend to resist it, causing the process to take longer. Remember, you are being restructured from the…

Hatching Part Ii Where Is My Soul Mission

Hatching Part II: Where is my Soul Mission

During this period of Hatching, you may have noticed that your SOUL MISSION is being affected more than anything else. I am finishing up this Hatching myself, and it is a bit like being in limbo, neither here nor there, isn’t it? You may have no motivation whatsoever, and though you know you’re still moving…