When You Ask You Are Given

When You Ask You Are Given

Hi Sweetie, my Divine Human,

When you ask, you are always given. You are given so much more in so many ways. Sometimes we don’t realize what we’re being given. And actually, we don’t realize what we’re asking for.

Pretty much through all of my awakening journey, but most recently in the last few months, what I asked for the most was to become more me, to be fully me, to be my soul, to be my avatar. I know at my core that the more I become my soul, the more I will have everything, everything that I want, and everything that I can and can’t even think of now.

Because my soul is a creator.

My soul is Source energy.

And in this particular experience of this avatar, me being my soul, I get to have

All the relationships that I want
All the experiences that I want and
All the money that I want

I get to expand even more. And to me, I’m asking to be more and more of me because I get to have, be and do more. And it’s like this playful space of

What can I create now?
What would I like to create?
What would I like to have?

See, when you ask, my love, you don’t even realize what you’re asking for and what you’re going to be given. So it is in this asking, you know, of me being more fully me, that I committed more and more into this becoming, there was a time when every time there was expansion, I would run so much with my programming, my ego would come up so much and it was painful to grow.

Recently I just declared, “I just want to be me. I just want to be more me, more me, more me. And so here I am.

Within this asking to create things,

I am creating a new home
I’m creating a relationship, a partnership
I’m creating a community
I’m creating more impact
I’m creating a trip
I’m creating a vacation
I’m creating money
I’m creating abundance at all levels
I’m creating service

Again, it all comes down to that root, which is becoming more fully me, becoming my Source.

Now here I am, me going to Portugal. I’m being denied to get on the plane because of my passport. I was planning to go, I was at the counter. And they say I couldn’t get in.  I couldn’t get on the plane because my passport expiration date needed to be farther out.

And as I was going back home, the big questions that was coming is 

Why do I keep putting myself through this?
Why do I keep leaving things to the last minute?
Why do I keep running through unnecessary pain,
What in me is causing me to create this reality, the struggle?

The next day I dove into my journey, my inner journey into asking what in me created that reality of not hopping on a plane and being with my friends and meeting new people and creating more impact and expanding my influence?

As I dove in, I realized many powerful things. But what I want to share right now is the ultimate state of being that I received.

I faced a lot of illusions, like I’m not ready or I wasn’t ready to own everything I am, this creator, this Source energy. I also received, that it was very hard for me to see myself, to really fully see myself, because I not only did see myself as a very powerful creator in other lifetimes but I saw myself “abusing” my powers… abusing them from a human perspective, of course.

And so it is in this dive that I get to this beautiful sublime space after my transformation. So sublime because I found ‘me’ in this physical form.

What do I mean by that?

In this inner transformation that I went through, I made so much space. Because again, when you ask, you’re given–and it won’t not necessarily be what you think.

There was so much emotion that needed to come out for me to be felt and allowed through me to become more of my ultimate intention, there was so much feeling, there were layers and layers that needed to be shed. And within that I was so uncomfortable. I was trying to hide and run away. And, after seeing all the solutions peel layer after layer after layer, I found myself in this new final point.

I opened my eyes and saw my surroundings with ‘different’ eyes. I felt different, like I always do, but I again, in a different way.

I knew, without an inch of a doubt, that I was Source Energy inhabiting this body. There was zero, for the first time, absolutely zero fear about anything.

About what I’m bringing
About what I want
About who I am
About what I’m creating
About money

Zero, none, zilch.

No fear whatsoever.

There was a sense of awe of being in this physicality and the sublime state of
‘Everything is perfect’.

And then


I truly am Source of the Divine.

What do I get to create?
How do I get to play?
Who do I get to play with?

It was in that space that I started to call in the next thing, because I just wanted to play. I got this vision of creating everything. And more specifically, I started to flash on different areas of my life and saw the kind of life that I want, the kind of relationships that I want.

More specifically, what I want to share here with you is this space full of playfulness, of lighting up others to be, and feel whatever is right now in this moment of feeling as Source Energy.

I was able to look at everyone, all the people that I am creating in this experience, in this path, all the many, many souls that I’m calling that have forgotten. And again, it wasn’t in the space of like, “no you’re not”. It was more like, “Honey, you’ve forgotten. Let’s play. Let’s get you out of that illusion. And that shell and let’s get you to feel who you are and how much more you can create. Because you remember, because you’re honing your magic, because you are becoming, because you also get to have everything.”

There’s so much joy every time I tap into that space, my heart starts to palpitate, even though it’s been a few days, I’m like, “I just want to play with people and get them out of this illusion, this pain, this suffering, this playing the victim. It is not necessary anymore.” There was a time when that helped us grow. But we’re not there anymore.

I was pondering, what can I create right now to help others get to this space,
which is only, if anything, a trampoline or a container for their becoming more and more, feeling more layers, being more, creating more, affecting more in this  form of beautiful creation that you all have chosen in this planet.

So I’m really excited because there’s so much that’s coming from this source of space. There’s so much that is coming through to share with you.

I really want to actually share how would that look like because that day was so powerful. You know, from then on, I’ve been playing a lot in this space.

Okay, I am Source, I am the Divine. What are we going to create, right now, for today, because there’s only the moment of now.

As an example, I would like to tell you about what happened with my mom that same day when I went out with my mom while being in this sublime state of brig the creator.

She was being strongly triggered by some illusions. And I was like, well, I’m the Divine, can I help her? Of course I can!

Then I just created this space, this particular container for her to realize the big illusions that were running through her. The big illusions were some false
patterns that actually I was blessed enough to delete from my experience just a few weeks ago. And I saw the container, being the Divine, and seeing the illusions that she didn’t need to go through anymore. As I opened up more of this container, I saw clearly how she started to shed and shift and become more of herself.

The basic premise that I shared with her was that I am here to remind her and to help her become who she truly is.

So much feeling was coming for her and again being grateful and then realizing because she was like facing so much illusion in her outing, and then she realized that there were people coming to us as she was tearing up, not really crying but tearing up but there was literally people coming in to share love, pure love with her because I set up this container of so much love for her for her evolution.

Everyone that was coming up to us as we were in the store, were coming and saying, “There’s so much goodness coming for you.” And they were giving her hugs. They were strangers! And they were giving me hugs too.

-It is in that moment my realization deepened, I am the Divine, I can create anything, however I see fit and however I’m called as I am in my Divine beingness.-

My mom felt lighter and lighter and as much relief as she was getting she also felt that she was so far from feeling the Source she truly is as she was comparing to myself.

I said, “You are perfect right where you are, just keep focusing on you, your becoming. I am here becoming more me to also help you become more. That is why I am here.” She relaxed and allowed herself even more.

The coolest part came when we started to drive there was a rain storm coming up from the northwest. She loves rainstorms and she wanted to see the lighting.

Again, I remember, I am the Divine. Let there be lightning.”

And lightning came.

The first time I did it, I was like, “Oh!” So I continued, “Let it be lightning here and there… and it happened again… and again…

I told my mom, “Hey pay attention here and look at there and look at over there.” And every time that I would create more of lightning she would catch it.

-I am the divine, truly.-

The next day I stopped hail from happening here at my home.

I kept diving and diving into my ‘becoming’ in this container. So, it is within this container of being that I feel so light up to bring a ‘container’ in for you.

Are you ready to play in this space?
Are you ready to become more of the Divine?

I have a beautiful container being created just for you.

Let me know in the comments if you feel the call of your Soul to play in this space more and more and more even if your mind says, I am so far away yet, just like my mom.

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