Are You Able To Feel All Of You

Are you able to feel all of you?

This past week was different. I didn’t feel bad or down. But neither I felt really good like I normally do. As I might have mentioned before, I know I am in heaven.

However, this week was different.I got so excited with some new information I was working on, I was so wrapped up in my excitement that I forgot to eat, walk or even sleep. Yes, I know. Not good at all.

My sessions felt different, my day work felt different. And I couldn’t pin down what was going on. I have done it many, many times before.
I was ready to go into analyzing mode until one of my clients mentioned: “you know: that seems like a lack of self-love”. Gulp.

So I rested. I slept a lot.  The fascinating realization came after I rested. I felt I was back. I could feel myself totally in my body.
The day before I was begging my Spirit to come back to my body. And she struggled. Of course, she did! She did not like to feel the pain. She did not like to feel that tiredness the body felt. It was not nice.

I realized, I needed to give my Spirit a nice, rested, well taken care of, body. This experience, made me wonder a lot.
A few lessons that came to light:

1. Empath ability: As an empath, I use my gift to tune in into what my clients are feeling, the blocks are having in their body and I help them identify them for easier releasing and maximum transformation.
I was so tired, I barely could feel them, I barely could feel what I normally feel so easily. I did, but only about 10%. I did not appreciate it.

1st lesson: Taking care of my body is crucial for my work.

2. Manifesting: If I am not home, meaning, my Spirit decided to wander around, it is more than likely I will miss an intuitive hit along my day. Even more, if I am not home, my desires, whatever I am asking to the universe will be delayed. 
It is like ordering pizza and then leaving the house. Who will receive the pizza when it gets delivered?

Also, if my body does not feel good, that means is more challenging to feel good. Which diminishes greatly my manifesting capabilities.

2nd lesson: To receive even more, or all that I am asking for, I need to be VERY present in my body and for that, I need my body to feel good.

3. Self-love: Ok. When this amazing client posed that statement, it made me think. After resting for hours I went in my meditation inward. Do I not love myself?
And after looking inside I could not feel that was true to me. I do love myself. I adore myself. I feel like I am this amazing being that is so much love, hence, I see everyone as a reflection of me. I see everyone in the pure love that they are. 
So then, why do I extenuate myself like that?

I realize there was a disconnection from my body. It is a bit of the way my brain is wired. It is part of the passion that drives me.
When I like or I am interesting in something, I tune out everything else and all I want to do is that. I forget everything. My energy goes to the one thing I become obsessed with. 

Obviously, it serves me to a certain degree. But, how can I regulate this so I do not forget my physical experience? Of course, I did what I normally do with everything that is presented. I released the programming in a healing session.
Then, I proceeded to love myself, by bringing in loving energies to every single inch of my body, to my cells, to my DNA. And I started to repeat, just like in the meditation you all have: I love myself, until a few minutes later, I felt in alignment with my body.
You can do this too, with the clearing you got from us and the meditation that you received. It is worthy.

3rd lesson: For full love within you and to every part of you, connection to every part of you is needed. This will allow a richer experience on earth (and manifest even more!)

Can you see how this can apply to your life?

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