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About the Program

Money + I: Due to launch on September 20th, this 12-week program will take you through truly every single corner there is to visit when it comes down to Money. A journey where we are going to develop a strong relationship with money. We will love, heal and elevate Money and You to a totally different level.

Open enrollment for the program:

Sept 14th to Sept 20th

The cart closes on the 20th at noon PST. It will reopen on the 22nd for a 72 hour flash sale.

For full information on the program:


Website to be up by Sept 5th, in the meantime please watch this Video to learn what is about: MONEY and I, a love story

How it Works

Anytime you refer someone using your affiliate link, you will receive a $100 commission of a sale made as long as they do not cancel.

Please note: You will not receive a commission if you purchase through your affiliate link yourself. 

Prize for the winner: In addition to the $100 commission per sale, the affiliate partner who refers the most that result in the purchase of the Money and I program will win either 12 months of Walking with the Masters™ (a $777 value) or two one-on-one 90 minute sessions with me (a $1110 value)!

All affiliate information (links, emails, images, etc) will be available in the Partner Center of your web portal Dashboard. Once you have completed the form below, you will receive an email with your login credentials along with instructions on how to access your dashboard.

All payments to affiliates are to be made within 30 days of the start of the program.

Affiliate Benefits

There’s no need for you to worry about how to promote the Money + I program. We will lay out all the details for you, from emails to social media posts along with images to use for the posts. See…no worries, just copy and paste!



Do you want to fall in LOVE with MONEY?

Who doesn’t, am I right?

My dear friend, Lisseth Wertz, is a Quantum Leap Coach and Energy Healer whose programs have helped hundreds of people clear their money blocks and change the way they perceive money FOREVER!

She has a new program, and I’m beyond thrilled to share it with you! It’s called, “Money and I,” and it is going to blow your mind!

I know what you’re thinking. “Another money program?”

I understand your skepticism. I’ve been there. Most of us have invested in at least one money program in the past, and even the best ones only helped a little, or for a short time.

“Money and I” is different. Unique. And here’s why:

It’s a 9-module program that will walk you through, step by step, to discovering your personal money blocks…the stories, the old programing you picked up from Dad, Mom, or society…and guide you to HEAL them for GOOD!

And the price for this life-changing program is simply amazing.

Check it out and join “Money and I” HERE >>> [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK]

Money is waiting for YOU!

FB Post #2:

“When I met Lisseth, my life was different, I wanted to connect with myself, I was looking for something deeper, I was carrying a lot of guilt, shame, feeling heavy, and in fear. A lot of FEAR. Always getting blocked in my growth.

Today I am a totally different person. I connect more with who I really am. I am discovering my amazing gifts. I am stepping into my mission of helping others, into what my Soul really wants me to do here. I feel full of joy and life.”

If you haven’t heard of Quantum Leap Coach and Energy Healer, Lisseth Wertz, this is just one testimonial raving about her life-changing programs.

Lisseth goes deep, working through the layers of old stories, shifting mindset, clearing programs and guiding you to release what no longer serves you!

We’ve all invested in money programs that fell flat, but Lisseth is the first to address the deep-rooted reasons WHY you aren’t allowing money to come, and help you transmute them.

Lisseth’s new program, “Money and I” is the most revolutionary money program EVER!

It will walk you through the process of falling in LOVE with MONEY. From first meeting, and getting to know money, to DATING, and then, everyone’s favorite part of any relationship, falling in LOVE.  

Yes, you CAN fall in LOVE with MONEY!

And the price for this program is absolutely incredible.


LOVE is in the air!


Subject: Will you say YES if Money asks YOU on a Date?




I’m absolutely thrilled to bring you this information!


My dear friend, Lisseth Wertz, is a Quantum Leap Coach and Energy Healer, and has helped hundreds of people clear their money blocks and open up their own gifts to step into their true paths.


She is known for going deep, working through all the layers to get to your old stories and programs, so that you can transmute them! This allows for so many things to come into your life, including…drum roll, please…MONEY!


Her new program, “Money and I,” is groundbreaking! It walks you through nine modules to help you fall in LOVE with money!


Doesn’t that sound AMAZING?!


The program takes you through meeting money for the first time. You know you’re attracted to money, but you need to know more. Then you’ll start to date money, really getting to know money, and forming a strong mutual bond. And finally, everyone’s favorite part of a relationship…falling in love!


Money wants to have a deep, meaningful relationship with you!




I can’t wait to see you on the other side!


All my love,

Subject: Receive more MONEY!


Hello, loves!


There is a lot of chaos in the world right now. Can you feel it? I know I can. Many are doubting themselves, doubting their missions, and starting to really look deep into what is holding them back. But…sometimes this is difficult to do by yourself. You need support.


My dear friend, Lisseth Wertz, is a Quantum Leap Coach and Energy Healer, and those who have participated in her programs say she is like no other coach and healer they’ve encountered.


“I participated in her MAGICfesting program,” says one happy client, “and I was just blown away by the results. My life is better than ever. I’m more aligned with my soul mission, my life path, and I’ve never felt more like ME!”


Her new program, “Money and I,” could not be coming at a more perfect time on this planet! Yes, our reality is changing, but money isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and the fact is, we need it to impact the world at a deeper level.


“Money and I” will take you through first MEETING money, then DATING money, and finally, everyone’s favorite part, FALLING IN LOVE. Through each module, you’ll discover your individual blocks, releasing them and opening the flood gates for money to come to you easily.




Don’t wait another day to fall in LOVE with MONEY!


All my love,