Hatching Part V Congratulations, You Have Hatched

Hatching Part V: Congratulations, You Have Hatched!

I believe everything comes to us in perfect timing. If you are watching this, then it’s likely that you have HATCHED, or are getting ready to HATCH!

I was fortunate to have the specific date that I would HATCH from the beginning, thanks to my guides. Three days before that day, my beautiful soul sister said to me that she thought I’d hatched, but I was just beginning to feel the cocoon cracking.

Three days later, I woke up and felt like a NEW PERSON! I knew I had hatched! My energy felt different, like a baby being BORN!

Remember, your experience may be different, but you should still be able to recognize each phase as you enter and leave it. I promise, you will KNOW when you’ve HATCHED!

If you are nearing the end of Phase IV, you should feel your ego becoming less and less triggered. Continue to ALLOW. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t judge yourself. Everything is perfect.

It’s important to remember that we go through many rebirths, not just one. We are constantly rebirthing ourselves. This has been an ENERGETIC rebirth. We have literally been restructured on an energetic level.

When you HATCH, you may feel your gifts are amplified, more sensitive, as I did. You will feel NEW, like you’re living and breathing for the first time. Everything will feel MAGICAL!

HATCHING is an invitation to rediscover yourself. I urge you to approach it with the perspective of “I wonder how my gifts will show up?” and “What else is there, Universe?” Think of the whole process as a REVAMPING of your gifts for your soul mission.

Just a few days after my HATCHING, I was ON FIRE in my mission! You will feel the pull to your mission stronger than ever, and you’ll be guided to step more and more into your path.


Follow The Energy

Don’t worry about having the WHOLE picture of your mission neatly laid out before you in one piece. You’ll NEVER have the whole picture, and, trust me, you don’t want to. When you know ALL the steps you’ll be taking, you effectively cut the magic from your life! When you trust that each step will present itself in perfect timing, you allow for the MAGIC to make your life even bigger and better! Allow each step to come.

Ask the Universe how it can get better than this. Ask it to show you the MAGIC, and then let it come. Allowing is the key. ALLOW, and you will light up the whole world with your energy!

Take notes! Write down what your soul is telling you to create, all the things your soul is expressing through you. When you are one with your soul, there are no doubts. Your soul knows that everything is possible! When you are one with your soul, your mind CANNOT interfere.

HATCHING has helped me to step into my BIGGER mission of guiding spiritual coaches, healers, agents of change and leaders to fully step into THEIR missions! I can’t wait to see YOU sharing your passion, your soul mission, with the world! Use the energy! Enjoy it!

Celebrate your HATCHING with a massage, like I did, or whatever makes you feel pampered!

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