Hatching Part Iv The Peak Of The Hatching Process

Hatching Part IV: The PEAK of the HATCHING Process

I know what you’re going through. I’ve been through it myself. The HATCHING process is not pretty, but if you allow it, you will come through it with ease and flow.

You CANNOT accelerate the process, but you CAN do some clearings to lower your resistance,

including my Clearing to Love Yourself that you can download HERE. It is my gift to you, and will help you clear anything in your way, bringing you back to your center. Do it every day, or as often as your intuition tells you.

Remember, you’re in a cocoon, like a caterpillar being transformed into a butterfly. The caterpillar doesn’t resist what’s happening to it. It allows, because it knows that only TIME can turn it into the beautiful creature it is meant to be.

Many of you are asking how long this process will take. Everyone is different, and the HATCHING process will take a different length of time for each person. My HATCHING lasted around 7-8 weeks. It’s important to understand that, although you can’t speed it up, you CAN make it take longer if you resist. The more you resist, the longer it will take. If you’re fighting it because it’s uncomfortable or painful (I know, just hang on), or trying to rush it by doing things that aren’t in alignment with your highest good because you don’t feel you can just be in the moment and allow this energy to come in, you will draw out your own HATCHING process, and make it more difficult to deal with.

So, how long this HATCHING takes is entirely up to YOU. Ultimately, it will take exactly as long as it’s supposed to.

The whole reason I decided to do this series was to help people going through this process to lower their resistance so it goes with ease.

I know many of you are experiencing physical pain. Know that this IS part of the process as you are being transformed at the molecular level. Ask your Higher Self to help you monitor the energy, to regulate the flow of it so that it is more manageable for you. This will ease the body pains you are feeling. Ask and then trust that it will happen. If you don’t trust, if you believe that you are not given everything you ask for, then you will not allow yourself to receive.

It’s all about YOU believing.

This Fourth Phase of HATCHING is the trickiest and strongest to maneuver through. Remember, first, we had Phase I, where our energy suddenly felt stagnant, like we were stuck in mud. Then, Phase 2, where our soul mission seemed far away, and fuzzy. Phase 3 was the old, old stories, all the old patterns, coming up to the surface to be released.

Now, Phase 4! Drumroll please! ????

Connect With Your Ego


When I was going through this phase, even my sweet, angelic soul sister was triggering me BIG TIME. It was all MY stuff. My ego was through the roof! Be ready for this, if you have not entered this phase yet, because what might have felt like a 5 on the triggered scale will now feel like a 200!

Again, everyone is different, and the HATCHING process will affect each of us in a unique way, so, if this isn’t resonating with you, that’s okay. Allow however the process is going for you. For me, I was SO triggered with my old pattern of ANGER that my whole body was shaking! I observed what was happening, and as I noticed my anger climbing higher and higher over the course of three days, I knew I had to take action!

I took the day to rest. I talked to my EGO, telling her it was all going to be okay, and allowed her to calm down. By just recognizing what was happening, my ego soothed.

You see, as much as we need to ALLOW this process, we also have the power to say enough is enough! I couldn’t allow myself to lose control and be caught in that endless loop of anger anymore, like the old me had done for so long, but I knew I had to let it release. How can we do both, taking control and allowing?

My business coach had some very good advice that I want to pass along to you. Set a limit. If you feel sad, be sad for 30 minutes. The key is to fully be in that space for the entire 30 minutes. Then, get on with your day. The length of time will vary from person to person, so this may take some experimenting. If you don’t set a time limit, you can create a loop that we, as humans, easily get trapped in.

I felt I was out of control, so I set up time and space to allow it, but also to calm my ego. I gave myself space for the release.

I was fortunate to know from the beginning the exact date when I would HATCH, so I could count down the days, but even if you don’t know how long your process will last, know that every day, it is getting closer.

You will be triggered in the lesson that you are here to learn. For example, my lesson in this life is anger, so when I’m triggered, I respond with anger. I used to respond to EVERYTHING with anger. I could never apologize for anything I did wrong, because my ego wouldn’t let me. Now, I can. When I notice how far I’ve come, see my growth, I remember what a beautiful journey we are all on together.

Your lesson may be feeling unsafe, or unworthy. Whatever it is, know that your ego will come forward in this phase in whatever form is needed for you to move forward. Be aware. This is part of the process. Don’t criticize or judge yourself.

It’s about allowing.

Note: the people around you may NOT be HATCHING, or may be in a different phase of the process. Be aware of your ego, and what they may be going through.

We’re so close to THE END! You’re doing GREAT!



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