Hatching Part I Is This What Am I Going Through

Hatching Part I: Is this what am I going through?

There is something new happening to a lot of people right now, a phenomenon I’m calling “Hatching.” I’m doing this series to help bring light and transformation to this very big topic. I will hopefully help you shift some old beliefs so you can embrace this stage of your growth and just BE in it with ease.

Personally, I am now coming out of my hatching phase, and I see a lot of people who are entering or already hatching as well. Just know that it is all coming in perfect timing, and if you know of loved ones who are going through this, please feel free to share this information with them.

What is HATCHING? Hatching is a process where we are getting restructured, reinvented energetically from the inside out. You are literally inside an energetic cocoon, and the protective layers are thick, like nothing else I’ve seen, because there is so much going on internally. Know you are protected through this entire process.

Are YOU hatching? What does it FEEL like? Your mission, your passion, may feel far away right now, even if it felt close before this phase began. It almost feels like you’ve been disconnected from it. You get glimpses of it, but have no motivation to move toward it. The important thing here is to know, KNOW, that you are NOT moving backwards. You are NOT stuck. You are in your cocoon, preparing to hatch!

Be Gentle With Yourself

If you’re unsure that you are hatching, simply ask your intuition. Am I hatching? You can even ask where you are in the process. Trust what you receive.

DROP ALL GUILT. We, as humans, are masters at guilting ourselves. Don’t fall into that trap. There is nothing to feel guilty about while you’re hatching. You are still creating with your thoughts, even if you don’t feel like you are. If you constantly tell yourself that you are stuck or moving backwards, you will effectively slow down the energy of this process, and make your personal journey of hatching more painful. The feeling of disconnection is an illusion. ALLOW, and your hatching will be much more manageable.

Some of you may be experiencing physical pain, trouble sleeping, a feeling of heaviness, and everything in your life is suddenly hard. This is the HATCHING! Listen to your intuition. Do what feels right to do at this time. If inspiration comes, do what I do, and write it down for later. Don’t force anything right now. You are incubating, and need to be very, very gentle with yourself.

Why are you hatching? The Universe is preparing you on a molecular level for the next big phase on this planet. You are being transformed! You may feel lifeless, with absolutely no motivation, but trust that a lot of things are coming forward right now, ready for you to release them. Ask the Universe for full support. Let the Universe do its thing.

This is a very exciting time! You are moving forward, closer and closer to your soul mission! Be kind to yourself. Rest. Drink lots of water. Spend time in nature. Hatch, little chicken. HATCH!

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