Hatching Part Iii The Old, Old Old, Stories

Hatching Part III: The OLD, OLD OLD, Stories

This energetic phenomenon I’m calling “Hatching,” is happening to many, many lightworkers all around the world right now. Anyone who is on the path to Ascension is going through this. Those who don’t know what’s going on will tend to resist it, causing the process to take longer.

Remember, you are being restructured from the inside out. I know your mission feels far away, like you are disconnected from the energy, but that is an illusion.

It may be hard for you to HEAR your guides. Know that you are NEVER disconnected. You are quite literally in a COCOON OF ENERGY, covered in ethereal blankets so that nothing can interfere with this process. You are being protected while the Universe aligns you with your soul mission, but these BLANKETS are making you feel like your guides are far, far away, and communication with them is now muddled.

Be patient. This is a natural process. Your guides are there, as present as ever, I promise you.

Old stories are coming to the surface now. Old, old patterns that you feel like you’ve been working on FOREVER, since Day One of your journey. I, personally, used to drive myself through anger, and when I was Hatching, it all came back. Remember, as I’ve said in previous parts of these series, you are not going backwards. You are not going through the same thing all over again. It’s a deep layer that you’ve been peeling away to get to for some time. It’s coming up now, stronger, because it’s ready to GO for good! Woohoo!

Allow The Universe

This restructuring is VERY deep. Allow it. Observe what’s coming. Celebrate that it is stories and programs that are leaving you. Honor the process, knowing that you are not that person anymore.

Be conscious. Be aware. Relax and allow. The Universe is doing this because you asked for it. You asked for more. Your work, your MISSION, is calling you. The people whose lives you are meant to touch are calling you. You need to be prepared on a higher level, and that is what this HATCHING process is doing. Remember, it is not being done TO you, but FOR you.

The time is NOW.

Just because you feel that you are not getting clear guidance does not mean that you’re not getting guidance. Guidance is ALWAYS coming. The less you resist, the more you allow, the faster this Hatching will go. You may feel like there is a wall between you and any projects you are working on. Don’t get frustrated. Don’t resist it. Allow. Observe.

It’s very important that you let the layers come in, let them move through you. Breathe and release. Don’t suppress them, or they will just come back eventually. If anger is coming through, like it did for me, make sure you are safe, removed from other people, and let it come.

If you are unable to receive clear guidance for your business, ask what you can do for smaller streams of income, other ways to generate money. Ask for money from anywhere and everywhere. If you can’t clearly HEAR your guides, ask them to show you SIGNS of what you can do, and then pay attention. Know that you are always fully supported.

Allow the ease. MAGIC is happening right now, even within the cocoon. MAGIC is ALWAYS happening.

We’re almost there. Hang on.



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