Hatching Part Ii Where Is My Soul Mission

Hatching Part II: Where is my Soul Mission

During this period of Hatching, you may have noticed that your SOUL MISSION is being affected more than anything else. I am finishing up this Hatching myself, and it is a bit like being in limbo, neither here nor there, isn’t it? You may have no motivation whatsoever, and though you know you’re still moving forward, your soul mission and even life itself seems to have lost its “spark.” Am I right?

You know your mission, but suddenly, it seems far away. You’re not getting the inspiration or ideas you were just a week or two ago. You have no motivation to pursue new things, and the energy of your mission is unclear, as if you’ve become stagnant in your journey. In fact, you’re not even truly FEELING anything. You’re not numb, exactly, but it’s as if your emotions have been muted. Does this ring true for you?

Remember, you are in a cocoon right now, covered in layers of energetic blankets to protect you while you’re being restructured. This is why everything feels HEAVY, and why your drive seems dampened, or even gone. This is why you may feel disconnected.

You Are Never Disconnected

Remember that you are NEVER disconnected.

This restructuring is happening, but it doesn’t mean you’re not growing, or are unable to bring magic into your life during this period. Connect with your Soul and Higher Self daily, asking them to bring the clarity you need, and then TRUST that it will come.

It’s important to remember that you are not alone. Be patient. Trust. I cannot stress this enough. Our trust is being tested right now, but know that there is another side, even if you can’t see it right now. There is ALWAYS another side. In other words, the Hatching period WILL end.

Surrender to the change.

You’re here because you asked for more. You asked to be here, on this planet, at this time. This is not happening TO you. It is happening FOR you.

Embrace it. Live in allowing and acceptance. Honor what is happening, because it is ultimately bringing you closer to your SOUL MISSION. When you’re ready to HATCH, that mission will be right there in front of you, waiting in crystal clarity.

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