The path to yourself

Playing with Visionary Leaders and Changemakers in the realm of infinite possibilities to unleash their unlimited potential and create their Soul's vision in alignment with the New World.

Meditation Clearing Lisseth Wertz
Become the Love Frequency Bundle

To receive support in clearing the path daily to BE the Soul Leader you are meant to BE at a Quantum Level and anchor your unique truth at a cellular level.

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The MasterSOUL Immersions

There's More To You

You feel like you know who you are...

Thriving, hustling, and fighting your way to achieve more and do more

In your field you are viewed as a success, and by your peers...

Yet deep within, you feel a disconnect, a restlessness

Something's telling you there's more for you to do

What if I told you that you are right?


And it's time for you to stop looking for the answers elsewhere

and start to unlock the truth that lies within

It's time for you to find the real path to yourself

Where To Begin The Path To Yourself

First we need to identify where you're at when it comes to "walking your path". My dedication is to help your become who you were meant to be - your Divine Wholeness. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, there is always "the next level" to go to.

The Path to embody more of your truth

Quantum Awakening

Start here if you are at the beginning of your QUANTUM journey. If you've awakened and are eager to dive into the beautiful world of learning who you are. Eager to heal, transform, and connect like never before, with your truth, your Soul, and your Divine.

This is the journey of beginning to sink into the knowledge in your consciousness, to move from knowledge to knowingness, to start to really feel it. To unravel stories and programs that no longer serve you. To let your light begin to take over its rightful place in your beingness so you can fulfill your purpose and mission.

Quantum Academy

You are someone who's already been doing the inner work. You've taken classes on healing and mindset, learned modalities to work energetically, and experienced some plant medicine journeys. Yet, it is all still compartmentalized. Fluidity is the next calling in your work.

The Quantum Academy takes you to the next level on a path of learning how to be strong in your energy field and begin to transform every area of your life. This is the journey to discover and embody more of who you are. Unleashing your soul gifts to become your full potential.

MasterSoul Immersions

These are for the Soul Leaders, Visionaries, and Changemakers committed to diving deeper into their Divine journey, here on a Soul mission to create a bigger impact, bring and anchor the New World.

The MasterSOUL series will have you rebirth into the highest frequency after a sacred journey of shedding the illusions and programs currently holding you from being MORE of who you truly are. You'll then embody and anchor more of this truth in your cells and DNA on different topics and on regular basis, transitioning from tools to moment to moment being.

Who is Lisseth...

Hello, I’m Lisseth and I’m your Subconscious Shifter, Quantum Leap Facilitator and Soul Integration Guide. I believe your Soul has guided you here to me and I trust we are supposed to connect and create together.

I’m on a mission to help Changemakers, Influencers and Conscious Leaders who are on their spiritual path to OWN their Divine power, so they can show up fully and lead their lives by BEcoming and BEing who their Soul is calling them to be as leaders and pioneers in their field. 

What It's Like To Work With Lisseth...

Because my intention while working with clients is to work on the deep subconscious beliefs and patterns and zap the illusions out of their reality, my work is progressive.

I start by addressing the layers over these illusions - from there, I start to open up the space to get to the core of your truth to help you embody who you are. The more you embark into this embodiment, the more you actually step into BEcoming.

BEcoming is the journey of deleting the lies and illusions that you hold on to about yourself, who you are, as well as what you are able to create and have, from your field and subconscious.

This allows you to raise your frequency. The more you BEcome, the more you are a match to what your Soul wants to create in this world.

There is no limitation as you are the energy of that abundant state.

Depending on your personal journey and blueprint, you might experience different things. If you are someone who has dabbled in the personal and spiritual development world for a while, you will see exponentialized growth and your embodiment will start to happen on a deeper level.

If you are relatively new to unraveling your subconscious, you will experience and notice things coming forward that need to be shifted first, before we work on that deeper path.

It is important that you are consistent in the journey regardless, and shortly after, you will start to experience levels of joy, opening, opportunities and abundance you were not even aware were possible.

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Join 550+ Soul Leaders, Visionaries, Thought Leaders and Changemakers gathering from all over the world and experience collaboration, connection and transformation as together we create the New World.

Expressed Love
Lisseth Wertz Veena Testimonial 03 1
She’s Led Me Closer To My Purpose

I love Lisseth’s nature — she makes you feel comfortable, there is only openness and no judgment. Also I feel Lisseth asks the right probing questions that awaken my subconscious. She’ll say something today, and 24 hours later I have an idea or a thought that leads to something exciting and great. She has an incredible capacity for love, and totally non-judgmental. Her ability to know exactly how I was feeling and the root behind it.

On my first call with Lisseth, she pushed me on my purpose. She said there was more I was supposed to do that I wasn’t doing. This caught me off guard because I always felt I was on my path and had it structured. She unblocked an unconscious fear for me.

About 48 hours later after a session with her, I had a download and a vision of something I was supposed to build, that connected all the dots for me — why I was doing what I was currently doing for a living, what led me here, the network I built along the way… The best part was the idea was incorporated with all the fun things that I love about work and life. In 2 short months, this vision is materialised, and I’m moving full steam ahead with new found passion and purpose.

On another concrete occasion I had to deal with a difficult emotional situation I had with a live-in household staff. I felt that my staff was down and completely shut off, making it hard for me to communicate with or help her. Within a few days of seeking Lisseth’s help to balance energies, my staff came out of her void, and so far, is opening up, asking for hugs, and even being more positive in her whole approach to life!

Thanks to my work with Lisseth, I know now there is magic in something you can’t see and touch. What Lisseth does works, and I’m happy to know that she’s always there to be an activation guide when I need it.

She’s helped lead me closer to my purpose so much so that I wake up every day inspired by my work, and she’s also helped me with personal emotional issues. She’s gentle in her approach, so much so that you might not think it worked, but then in the coming days you start to see the effect and you know that it was because of the work done with and by Lisseth.

Lisseth Wertz Moriah Testimonial 07 1
She Is A Powerhouse

What I love most about working with Lisseth is her deep knowing and complete non judgement. She holds space for you in a way that very few other humans can. She helps you dive deep, deeper, and deeper still with complete understanding, love, and compassion. Her empathy is unparalleled with anyone else, and she is able to take you places you never knew you could go, all the while holding your hand and gently coaxing you to dive deeper into you own space, and to become who you truly are.

What I am experiencing with Lisseth is total human transformation. We’re healing so many things, which allows me to release fears, beliefs, and things that subconsciously hold me back. As a result I feel that my gifts are growing in magical and unexpected ways! I feel happier knowing that together we are doing much needed work, and I feel so supported knowing that she is there to hold my hand every step of the way. And to top it all off MORE money is showing up faster than expected.

My biggest takeaways from our work thus far, that I am already everything that I need to be. I am already perfect and complete.

Lisseth will change your life, if you’re ready. She will help you learn more about yourself, peel back layers, and help you to become the person that you know you can be. Her coaching is gentle and she gives you everything you need to achieve your goals. She is a powerhouse. She is fully herself. She is radiant. She embodies what a soul’s power really can be. Because she is all of these things, she is an example for how you can be too.

Kelli Lisseth Wertz Testimonial 04 1
I Have Seen Major Things In My Life And Business Shift

Thanks to Lisseth’s incredibly powerful guidance, all the scattered pieces of me – my Soul that I had unawarely shattered – came back to my body and for the first time I felt whole.

I also realized that nothing has to be separated, and when we get rid of the illusion of separation, magic happens. I literally felt the energy of all things shine brighter than I ever saw before. I have felt the burning heat of the ONE powerful energy totally invading my body in waves.

I felt like a phoenix in a sense. It was beautiful. I am so grateful, it’s beyond word???? ???? Love Love Love ????

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