Path to yourself

Have you been feeling almost all your life that there is more in store for you?

Have you always known this and you have not quite figured it out how to access it?

Is your reality matching your desires yet?

Are you ready to open the next phase of your life?

Are you ready to have it easier?


Well…then you are in the right place. 


Sometimes, it is challenging to see the path ahead. You may be working with positive affirmations, mantra, and even taking action. But if you still feel like you’re getting nowhere, working with Lisseth will help you discover your true essence. She will guide you back to your heart center, you will gain clarity and release that which is holding you back from walking the Path to Yourself.


The path starts with the first step; the first pain body or energetic block that you may perceive. Then, you can start to shed the baggage. Lisseth takes you through the feelings you are aware of, as well as the “unaware” feelings that you have been holding onto all of your life, and perhaps, longer than that. As everything is energy, if something wasn’t released energetically, more than likely, you still have it. In an uncanny way, she is able to move blocks out of your energy field. The results are amazing. You not only begin to feel better, but you stop attracting that which is not in alignment with you, and you start attracting synchronicities and that which is rightfully yours.


If you are ready to start this change in your life, then climb aboard this new adventure and take the first step towards the life you are meant to lead. To learn all the services that are offered by Lisseth, please go HERE.